Acupuncture and Hypnosis

Group Hypnosis

Stop Smoking group

Stop smoking seminar with a holistic approach targeting when, where, why and who you smoke cigarettes with. We then change your needs to use cigarettes with new healthier habits.

The cost of this one hour stop smoking program is $99 and gaurantees that you will be a non-smoker for life! 

Our gaurantee is if you don't quit smoking you can attend as many stop smoking seminars as needed until you are non-smoker! However there will be a small rescheduling fee of $25 for all repeat treatments

Schedule meetings are now being offered. No walk in this is by appointment only!

Please call 401-332-1817 for an appointment as theses meetings have both a minimum and maximum attendence requirement! Walk-in are discouraged.

Stop smoking seminar


Weight Control group

Weight control is really lifestyle control that includes making healthier food choices and elimination of unhealthy choices. This is done through pin-pointing the main issues that are keeping you from reaching your ideal weight. There is a 5 patient minimum per group session!

The multi-dimensional approach to Weight Control

Dimension-1: Stress management for Weight Control

Dimension-2: Developing and maintaining high Motivation to control ones weight

Dimension-3: Removing Emotional Eating patterns

Dimension-4: Developing high Self-Esteen and Confidence in your ability to lose and maintain weight loss

Dimension-5: Developing a genuine love for exercise

Dimension-6: Boosting a slow metabolism

Dimension-7: Removing Sugars and Carbohydrates addiction

Dimension-8: Gastric Bypass Hypnosis-1

Dimension-9: Removing Mental Imprints about food

Dimension-10: Retrain taste buds to love healthy lean food and dislike unhealthy foods

Dimension-11: Accepting ones Self-Image as a smaller and slimmer for life

Dimensiion-12: Gastic Bypass Hypnosis-2

Groups are forming now and you can join in and be the best you can be by starting a to make the right lifestyle choices with food an activities. 

$99 gets you started and includes personal fitness training at your fitness facility.


Stress Management group

There are two forms of stress 1) Distress 2) Eustress and the amazing Trig-Ear Hypnosis system uses eustress or good stress to eradicate distress. 

Examples: 1) Happiest day in your life 2) Favorite song 3) Favorite pet moment or favorite pet 4) Best vacation 5) favorite family moments 6) Best holiday moment or memories 7) funnies time ever

While in hypnosis you will touch acupresure points that correspond to tranquility and peace. This is the true marriage of hypnosis with acupuncture.