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Weight control

Weight control hypnosis plus!

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Group Weight Loss Classes

We are now offering fitness coaching off site at your gym for small groups. Please note this is not fitness training but more motivational or coaching! We encourage all patients to utilize fitness training services at any facility with an active Certified Fitness Trainer. It should be noted all fitness programs will be offered off site and not at 915 Warwick Ave..

Week-1 Stress Management and High Motivation to lose Weight Hypnosis

Week-2 Developing High Self-Esteem in Confience in Your Ability to Maintain and Lose Weight Hypnosis

Week-3 Loving Exercise for Life Hypnosis

Week-4 Eliminating or Controlling Sugar and Carbohydrates Hypnosis

Week-5 Retraining Taste buds to Love Healthiers Foods Hypnosis

Week-6 Removal of Emotional Eating Habits Hypnosis

Week-7 Gastic Bypass Hypnosis-1

Week-8 Self-Acceptance of a Newer Thinner Self Hypnosis

Week-9 Accellerating or Boosting Slow Metabolism Hypnosis

Week-10 Eating Slower and Drinking More H2O Hypnosis

Week-11 Gastric Bypass Hypnosis-2

Each week is $99 and also include ; 1)EFT, KNEAT and tapping exercises 2) Weekly food and workout assessments 3) Basic nutrition 4) A trip to the gym (except week one) 

Ask about speacials and discounts